we will kaleid EPK (ENGLISH)




w e w i l l k a l e i d



to reach for the elusive

give fading a shape

to get lost in moments



In their first album, A SHAPE OF FADING, we will kaleid create a world in which both pop and experimentation find a home. Melancholic lyrics meet modern drum grooves and electronics; new characters emerge from purposeful arrangements and sounds.


A unique musical perspective is found in the band's unique landscape between voice and drums. Pillowed by keys and electronics, every song has its own features, while still being part of the greater whole.


The overarching concept appears on different levels of the album A SHAPE OF FADING.

The motif of losing and being lost is apparent through all eleven tracks.

From the first song to the last, Jasmina de Boer and Lukas Streich wanted to create a musical world one could disappear into.

By producing the album themselves, they were able to do this, devoting themselves intensely to both the broad brushstrokes and the fine - even locking themselves away in a cabin in the woods for parts of the recording process. “Undivided attention” is thus no overstatement.




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