Memum is the ambient experimental project of producer and multi-instrumentalist David Georgos from Germany.


Georgos uses all natural and organic sounds (guitar, piano, voices and field recordings) and processes and manipulates them in ways that create a sound pallet unique to Memum, at once ambient electronic and experimental folk songwriting. 

Memum was born in 2014 when the critically acclaimed LP “Became a Leaf” was released by German boutique-label Unperceived Records. By collecting and sampling the sounds of nature, using time-stretched layers of synth pads, field recordings and piano, Georgos honed Memum’s sound in this collection of compositions celebrating birth and decay. 

Georgos’ first moniker Locoto was a project more rooted in the electronic and ambient-pop world, creating remixes for artists Boozoo Bajou (K7!, R&S Records) and more before finishing his first solo album “Awakine” which was released on Modernsoul/Universal Music Publishing. 

David is from a small village in a valley near Stuttgart, Germany where he first started to examine the soundscapes of the daily goings-on of his home and spatial acoustics that he found soothing and curative to the worries of childhood.


David Georgos


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